Take Action for Children!


As a result of military intervention of Republic of Turkey that began on October 9 in North East Syria, eighteen people lost their lives, of which five are the children named Emine (12), Leyla (15), Elif (11), Mazlum (11) and Mohammad (9 month old baby), and many people were injured in the border regions. According to information available, in North East Syria, there are many injured children and adults as well as the deaths of at least three children, Mohammad (11), Qais (15), Mihammad (13).

With the military intervention, schools in the border regions stopped education, hospitals could not provide emergency support to more than one person during the crisis, many households left their homes due to the lack of security measures.

We know that all environments of violence, conflict and war affect children directly and indirectly. Children experience many emotions and realities such as fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, panic, helplessness, interruption, numbness, uncertainty, nonsense, anger, rage and loneliness, especially in the condition of vital risk in everyday living places and situations that do not conform to the natural flow of life and they witness what is happening in their environment.

It is clear that these happenings are in opposition to the Geneva Declaration’s approach of "WHEREAS mankind owes to the child the best it has to give" and to the Convention on the Rights of the Children which leaves its 30th year behind and to which Turkey is a party.

As one of the states party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children, Turkey is responsible for the protection and fulfillment of children's rights and freedoms.

As those who are responsible for advocating of human rights of each child, we always remind that the primary and best interests of children should be respected; we demand that the state immediately fulfill its obligations in the protection of all human rights, in particular children's right to life, and take action to ensure a peaceful environment for children in the first place.


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